Henry County
​Women In Business
According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing market of entrepreneurs are women. Women have created more businesses and contributed more than $40 Billion Dollars in revenue over the last 10 years. This unique trend is not really a trend, but is now becoming the standard. There are more women in business than ever before and across all demographics. However, with this increase, also comes the reality that there is a need for more foundational support in order to be successful.

Henry County Women in Business is a conglomerate of women owned businesses and women in business that have come together to change the economic landscape in Henry County and the Southern Crescent area. Our partnerships go beyond Henry County, the Southern Crescent and Georgia.
Henry County is ideally located south of Interstate 75, 20 minutes from the major international airport, Hartsfield Jackson, and just three hours from the major port in Savannah, GA. It is the perfect location for continued growth among small and large companies. Henry County is one of several counties that make up the Southern Crescent. The Southern Crescent is unique because of where it is located and includes Fayette, Clayton, Henry, portions of Dekalb, and Spalding counties. It is also the location of the next economic boom within the region.

Our mission for Henry County Women in Business is simple, we must unequivocally foster business relationships to help sustain and grow our business and local economy. Our vision is to develop key partnerships, deepen business relationships and to provide resources to assist in the growth of women owned business. 

Join us at out monthly business mixer to network with like minded individuals and to get the resources that will continue to elevate your business. 

If you or your business is looking to sponsor our monthly mixer, please contact 888-970-9430 or 678-554-5210.

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